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Be sure to check with us regularly from now through April Fools' Day, as we'll be constantly adding new free April Fools' Day free goodies to this site. After you've checked out the April Fools' Day freebies here, be sure to visit our parent site,
Please send us E-mail if you're aware of any April Fools' Day freebies that we haven't listed below.

Click here for a shot at winning a Pentium III computer

  • Fake Format gag program - Want to drive someone crazy on April Fools' Day? This downright cruel freeware prank program very realistically similates effects of a hard drive format (even including hard drive chatter). It's sure to cause panic (although the gag is harmless to your PC). (For Windows).
  • Fake Delete - A must for April Fools' Day, this free program is the perfect prank to play on any unsuspecting user. It simulates the deletion of a specified directory from the machine. This gag is very realistic, even power users will be fooled. (For Windows).
  • DownHoax - Want to confuse someone on April Fools' Day? This nifty freeware gag makes it appear as though an "unwanted" file is being downloaded from the Internet. DownHoax randomly chooses a site from its internal database of "undesirables" and proceeds to simulate downloading an equally distasteful file. (For Windows).
  • Fake Start Menu 95 - A fun April Fools' gag, this free program replaces the Windows 95 Start Menu (task bar) with a fake one that will not respond to anything. (For Windows).
  • Click Me - This April Fools' prank is sure to cause grief with your victim. Install this baby and then a button will appear on the desktop---which jumps out of the way every time a user starts to click it! (For Windows). (For Windows).
  • Crazy Num Caps Scroll - We know from personal experience that this freeware gag program can drive someone nuts! Crazy Num Caps allows you to set up the toggling of the caps, num and scroll lock keys. It's sure to baffle your friends. (For Windows).
  • Cursor Fun - Here's a good gag for April Fools' Day. This free prank program randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor. (For Windows).
  • The Fart Machine - This completely useless freeware program offer a good prank for April Fools. The Fart Machine offers a variety of breaking wind effects. (For Windows).

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